About Co Exist

Welcome To Co Exist

I Kajal Sawant born on 15th February 1994 Maharashtra India, always been attracted towards animals. In the beginning I started as a volunteer where I sued to feed street dogs in local area while working with banking sector. As the time pass by my interest towards animals grew & finally the day came when I decided to quite banking sector & devote my entire life for wellbeing of these animals. Which has lead me towards joining certified veterinary assistance, so in order to complete it I had
joined Crown Vet. But even after successfully working with Crown Vet for 1 year, it was the erg of doing something for the animals & love for them I had started professional Dog Walking. While doing so I had realised that many Pet parents needs training as they are facing some or the other issues such as behavioural issue or acting out because of being spoil or not been trained properly. Many issues of these types are in the beginning people fall for those cute little eyes, no discipline has
been taught & when situation gets out of control , then pet parents look for Trainer & rest of them uses punishment to correct the behaviour which worsen the situation. In order to cater the issue I had started Professional Dog Training. But the just doing only Dog Training was not going to serve the purpose. Then time came when “Co Exist “ born in order to cater the issue on greater level. Where ‘Co Exist” helps pet & & their parents to “Co Eixist” together as a happy family for better future of both Pet & their parents. As an extension of services Co Exist helps not only pet & pet Patents to have less stressful life but also street dogs to get home, food, vaccination, medical care.

Certified Behavior Trainer

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our Mission is to enhance the lives of pets and their owners by improving their relationship and the quality of the life they share by providing professional training using positive enforcement.

What Drives Us

Our Vision

Coexist will work toward a world where people and their pets live together to the mutual benefit of each. We aspire to be industry experts and number one choice of trainers across the entire India.

Save a Life

Social Responsibility

Everyday street animals are looking for food and water to survive COEXIST trying to do it’s best for them. COEXIST helps in providing food and water, adoption, sterilization, vaccination of street dogs it needs your help to give these animals support they need. So come forward to donate for these voiceless souls.

🐾 Love

COEXIST has a genuine passion for dogs which is why we look forward to spending each day with your pets and giving them the love and attention they deserve.

🐾 Teamwork Mentality

COEXIST works together with our clients as a team and create a positive environment. We are committed to our clients and their pets, to each other, and to our long-term success.

🐾 Quality Service

To enrich the lives of pets and their families COEXIST is committed to providing services that are built on quality, professionalism, respect and trust, peace of mind integrity in everything we do.

🐾 Positive Enforcement

Coexist uses Positive reinforcement for shaping or changing your dog’s behavior as rewards makes them more likely to repeat desired behavior. Using Positive enforcement we build bond with dog which makes training fun for them and also avoids increasing anxiety or aggression.